Some Thoughts on Mercy

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

Matthew 5:7

Mercy is looking at the plight of others and not only feeling compassion for them but it also may involve trying to relieve that problem. This is one thing that the LORD railed on the keepers of the Law did, they strove with all their might to keep the Letter of the Law, but they had no mercy on those they were supposed to be shepherding. When one came who needed healing on the Sabbath they would not, but they could pull their own donkey out of trouble. Jesus told them that they should pay the tithe and do all the things they did, but what GOD wanted was mercy and they were to go and learn what that means.
Mercy is what the LORD has for All of mankind as HE looked and saw our condition and Laid down HIS life that if we would, just believe, we could be free from a life of sin and destruction. HE knew that we could not keep the Law and that was not what it was for anyway, for it was to be a teacher not a means to make ourselves perfect. All our piety will not do for us what it is intended, by us, to do, for ONLY the Blood of Christ can Save us. Having said that GOD still wants us to show HIS Mercy to others. Relying on the Work of Christ is so freeing, for then we are not working for something unobtainable, but we are working out of Gratitude for what has been done for us.
Mercy not only involves one like a Mother Theresa who gave her life to serve the poor, it also involves forgiveness when someone intentionally sets out to hurt us, or unintentionally. It involves lending a helping hand on a day of Worship for that is what Worship is, it is to lay aside the Letter of the Law on the Sabbath and to help one who may be in need. It involves showing forth the Love of Christ to those who are lost and on their way to hell, because they do not know the truth. It involves being kind to those who refuse the truth, or incapable of understanding the truth.
Mercy, when done for the wrong reason is still mercy for the one who is receiving it, but for the one who is doing it out of selfish reasons, does not count, for we don’t get points for righteousness by doing something good to gain Salvation. For the Unbeliever, it is the Trusting of Christ that brings the Salvation, and the Works are as filthy rags, and of no value. GOD is concerned about our character and why we do things, even the Believer will lose points and suffer loss at the judgement seat, because of wrong motives, and HE is the one who will judge the motives for our actions, so we need to be on our toes and making sure our motives are pure and not for our gain.
We, Believers, have been assured Eternal Life with the Father, and so it begs the question. What more shall we gain by showing HIS Love out of a selfish heart? We show Mercy because HE has shown Mercy to us, in HIS provision, first of Salvation, second of HIS Promise, and also the fact that HE takes care of our needs. We Love HIM because HE First Loved us, in that while we were yet Sinners Christ died for us. HE died long before any of us, who are alive today, ever lived. That is Love and it is Mercy, and because of this we are to Be merciful, and kind, letting go of past hurts to be one who shows forth the mercy we have been shown.
Let us, therefore, go forth in Love, putting on Christ, who, though reviled answered not a word. Who endured the Cross and sought forgiveness for those who were Crucifying HIM. Who healed on the Sabbath to show that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. Let us learn from the Law and have it written on our hearts, but let us act in the Spirit of the Law and be Merciful. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Hungry and Thirsty

 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness, for they will be filled.

Matthew 5:6

The writer of Proverbs tells us that all men will proclaim their goodness, but who can find a faithful man? And lest any of the Ladies might shout a hearty Amen to that, the word means mankind, so you also are included. Many think they are good but Jesus said that only ONE was Good and that is GOD. We are told the opposite of this about mankind, for we are told that we are sinners and that All have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of GOD. The Psalmist also tells us that there are None Righteous, No Not One. 
Many throughout the ages have believed that they were righteous because of their works. Some even believe because they prevailed in battle that they were righteous and worthy of praise. Many, today, think that they are “good enough,” to stand before GOD and have access to heaven, they, in fact, are saying that they have no need of Christ and HIS work on the Cross. These are not those to whom Jesus was addressing this Word for they have justified themselves. Even many in churches, today, use what they do to lord it over others instead of understanding that they have no righteousness outside of what the LORD imputes into us, for it is not our works that make us righteousness just as it was not Abraham’s, for he believed GOD and GOD accounted it to him as Righteousness.
It is the Humble that the LORD will lift up for those who are Proud and stand proclaiming how good they are or give the air of their goodness are missing the real Righteousness for a counterfiet lie from Satan. We are told to humble ourselves before the LORD and HE will lift us up, but the proud are brought down. This Righteousness we are to seek is a gift from GOD and therefore we have no reason to boast in it, but we do in the giver of this gift. 
Paul told us that if we must boast then let us boast in Christ, and he told us that all the things that he had believed were important, he now considers nothing but rubbish. This goes along with Jesus’ opening statement about being Poor in Spirit, for only those who understand that they are without sufficient means to save themselves are even able to get to the LORD. They know that they are lost and in need of a savior, but those who proclaim how good they are, are not looking for a savior, but believe themselves good enough. As stated before, All have sinned, and because of this we cannot be good enough, so these are left in their delussion because they seek not righteousness, for they are their own righteousness. They, in fact, justify themselves.
It doesn’t matter whether we are inside the Church or an outsider we cannot justify ourselves and expect to attain favor with the LORD. All of us have to Submit ourselves to GOD, Believe GOD, and Trust in the Work of Christ for our Salvation and then GOD Give us Eternal life and Righteousness, and Empowers us with the HOLY SPIRIT, so that we can live a life that is pleasing to HIM. We don’t have Righteousness, but it is given to us, it is not Ours, but it is Christ’s Righteousness that we get Clothed with, for without it we are naked, as were Adam and Eve. GOD gives us HIS Righteousness because we have none, and we cannot approach HIM without it. Only in Humility can one Approach the LIVING GOD, and they are the only ones that would attempt it because the others don’t believe they need to.
Two men stood in the Temple, one Justified himself and that other asked for Mercy, the one who sought mercy went down justified while the other went on being deceived. The point is this, that we have no way of attaining Righteousness except Through Trusting in the what Jesus has done for us. There is not Sacrifice we can provide that will give us That Right Clothing we need to Approach the Living GOD except that which Christ sacrificed for us. There is No Way to Heaven Except through Christ and there is No Way to GOD the Father except Through Christ. So, what are we to do? Say with those who are Poor in the Spirit, that they are in need of a Savior and unable to attain to and righteousness of their own. Say, and mean in your heart, that You trust in Jesus and HIS work for the forgiveness of your sin and only in HIS work. Ask HIM Into your heart and HE will enter in, for if you confess, with your mouth, the LORD Jesus, and Believe, in your heart, that GOD has raised HIM from the dead then you are saved. If you have done this then go forth in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and live a life in preparation for Eternity. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Strength under Pressure

 Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5

Oddly enough strength plays a big part in GOD’S world and in this one, they are different of course, for in GOD’S world it is in HIS strength and in this one it is ours. Even better than that is how GOD uses the ones who think they are strong to do HIS will. HE used Babylon to bring judgement on Israel and earlier HE had used Israel to bring judgement on those nations who were dispossessed when Israel came into the Promised Land.
The world thinks that Meekness is weakness, but knowing the Strength of Jesus is knowing that HE was and is not week, though HE is Meek. Meekness is a Quiet Strength, one that does not have to force, physically, to be overpowering. In the case of Jesus and HIS followers it is having confidence in the Father and allowing HIM to be strong in our weakness. We, instead of trying to force others, gently give them GOD’S Word and allow the LORD to do what is needed to bring one to Christ.
Anyone who thinks that Jesus was weak might want to think that through better. HE stood up to HIS accusers and spoke nothing in HIS defense, while HE could have called 12 legions of angels to defend HIM. This is strength! HE could have bypassed the Cross but chose to endure it, this is Strength, because HIS Love for us was greater than what HE would endure. It would have been so easy to have just wiped out those who would Crucify HIM, as it showed in the Garden when they came to arrest HIM. HE asked who they wanted and they told HIM Jesus, and when HE said, “I AM, HE, they fell to the ground under the Power of HIS Name. Any yet HE went with them, knowing what HE would suffer, and this my friends is Strength.
Strength comes from Trust in GOD, knowing that HIS Will is better than our own and knowing that, no matter what, HE has our back, and that we have no need to strike back at one who might offend. It is this kind of Strength that says we can forgive another and put them in the hands of the LORD, for HE is better equipped to know what is appropriate. We can stand back and allow others to be unkind or persecute us knowing that they do not know the LORD, because of the way they are treating someone they can see, or that they haven’t conquered self yet, as we haven’t in all ways. It is good that GOD doesn’t use brute strength to chastise us for our sins against HIM.
Jesus Was Meek when HE came the first time but HE will come in judgement and as Ruler soon. HE will rule with the Rod of Iron and while HE Rules there will be True Peace in this World for once. Man wants to have war but the weapons of war will be made into farm implements and there will be peace between the animals and us. When HE Returns HE will show us the Power that HE possesses. I believe it a better way to go to understand this today and Prepare for HIS return rather than to be one of those whom HE Will judge. HE’S coming soon! HE wants us to Know HIM but HIS patience with this world is not forever, for as HE told Noah, “I will not strive with man forever but the days of a man shall be 120 years.” Not many live that long today, but HE was speaking of a specific time period which would allow Noah to built the ark. I hope that those who read this will Seek the LORD while HE may be found, for we only have this minute and maybe not all of it. Ask HIM into your heart and Seek HIM today. Jesus Loves You!!!

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Blessed Are They

 Blessed are those who Mourn, for they shall be Comforted.

Matthew 5:4

Looking around this world gives us all cause to Mourn, seeing the way people are treated. From those who are bullied to those who are Murdered because they believe another way than someone, or to those who never, in this world, get a chance to Mourn or live life because someone has decided that things are more important. We all mourn and for different reasons. Some of our Mourning is for selfish reasons, while others Mourn because their hearts break as they see what is taking place on the worldwide scene. Those who mourn for selfish reasons are not the ones that Jesus was speaking about, for they are those who love the world and have nothing in Christ. No, it is those who Mourn over Godly things that will be comforted, for they see through the eyes of Christ what only the eyes of faith can see.
Jesus is our comfort, for we have the mind of Christ and know that evil will be taken out of the way when HE returns. We are comforted because we know that this world has to get to the place where the anti-Christ will have enough clout to win the hearts and minds of the vast majority of this world. Surely we are not happy that many will perish and so we Mourn and we also Proclaim the Death of Christ until HIS coming. Because we are bought with a price, we are compelled in our Very Being to be a witness for the LORD. We look and see and grieve in our Spirits because our LORD grieves in HIS and we have the Spirit of the Living GOD. Our hearts sink every time there is a tragedy, and we wonder how many perished without Jesus. We grieve when and innocent life is taken, because someone wanted their 15 minutes of fame, or when another unborn is Murdered for the sake of, What?
We grieve for our families who choose not to heed our calls for them to turn to the LORD, and we see their lives spiraling out of control. We hope that in the spiral that they will see their need for a savior, but watching them causes us the Mourn and Cry out to GOD, seeking HIS Comfort, for HE has the Answers we are seeking. HE is saying, “Rest in ME and I will comfort you, this is going to turn out OK.” HE tells us, in the Psalms, that HE is ever present with us, HE knows our Thoughts before we think them, and our every word before it is spoken. HE tells us that there is nowhere we can go that HE is not there, that’s scary, yet comforting for HE is Ever present in a time of danger, and yet HE is also there when we are unkind or filled with hate or unforgiveness. Selah, pause and think about that.
Take heart today, for the LORD Knows what you are mourning over and as HE listens to yours, and mine, complaints and we receive comforting directly from HIM, for the HOLY SPIRIT makes Intercession for us with groanings that are beyond our understanding. We cry out Abba, Father and HIS angels are holding us up lest we dash our foot against a stone, for HE has sent them to bear us up and to keep us in all our ways. 
We are, those who are saved, comforted, knowing that the LORD Never Changes, and what was true Yesterday is True Today and Tomorrow. We take comfort knowing that HE is Able to Keep that which we have given HIIM, and that NO ONE, is able to take from HIS hand what belongs to HIM. This brings me to a Question. In What do you Trust? If is is not Jesus and HIS All Sufficient work on the Cross, then you are Lost and without hope. But All is not lost, for you are still breathing and you have a free choice to Accept or reject the Gospel right now. I hope you make the right choice, for Your Sake.
In this world you shall have tribulation, but be of Good Cheer, for I, Jesus, have overcome the World, and Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world. Remember Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Debt Completion

 By that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ Once for All.

Hebrews 10:10

In the Temple the High Priest would make the Annual Sacrifice for the Atonement of the people, but Jesus being the Perfect Sacrifice did this Just Once, which was Sufficient not only for the sins of Israel, but for All of mankind. This does not mean that because HE died and Rose that All are forgiven, but it means that if we accept this and turn from our Sin to Christ then HIS death, burial and Resurrection are All we need to be in Right Standing with GOD. The song goes, “Amazing Love, How could it be that YOU my GOD would die for me?” The idea is that, in man’s ways, HE would not, because man’s gods are ones that need to be appeased by works performed by us and there is no assurance that we will ever be able to perform enough to make it. The religions of this world will tell you that they have not assurance, Yet, Christ tells us, not to Work, but to Come to HIM and HE will give us rest. Rest from the Burdens of Life, rest from worrying about where we will spend Eternity, and all we have to do is lay aside our Sin and Trust in HIS Work on the Cross.
If we were to turn back the clock to this weekend 2000 years ago and put ourselves in the shoes of Jesus’ followers, we would be very discouraged and defeated. We would be thinking that maybe we had followed another man who had proclaimed himself to be somebody and now because he was dead so was his promise. What was looked on as Defeat, was a Great Victory, for in it Death and Sin were Defeated.
There are, of course, counterfeits brought forth by the devil, but even though they existed, it did not Deter GOD from HIS Plan. One such counterfeit was Tamuz, who would, at this time of year, die and then come back to life. This false GOD was so imperfect that he had to die over and over again for his sacrifice was not Sufficient. But Christ Only Died Once and for All. HIS Sacrifice Pleased HIS Father so much that HE Raised HIM up from the Dead to Be the Firstborn or Many, the Only One who took away the sin of the world, Once for All.
I think it safe to say that No One at the time of the Crucifixion understood what was really happening, otherwise, they would not have been in such sorrow of heart. Instead they would have been Rejoicing, but this was not the case, for they had All deserted HIM in HIS hour of Greatest need. Though they had deserted HIM, the Angels of the LORD, did not, for they ministered to HIM in the Garden. Today, the Saturday of the Passion, would be so great a sorrow and disalusionment, discouragement, and guilt, thinking that it was all over and they had been made fools of. I’m sure that we, Too, have felt this way at times when the things we pray for seem not to be happening, or that GOD is so far away and can’t hear us. We may feel like we have sinned against HIM and there is no way to reconcile, but these are Lies from Satan, who is a Liar and the father of Lies.
Peter was one such, who made great statements of faith, only to fail miserably when he denied he even knew his name. Peter was broken and guilt ridden, for his failure, not knowing that in only another day, he would be delivered from all this. Many of us have failed but failure only leads to Victory by not giving up, we pick ourselves up and confess it and learn from it, then we begin again a new Day of Salvation. GOD is in the business of Resurrection as HE Resurrects dead souls Every Day, maybe not dead bodies, but Dead Spirits, who are dead because they do not know the LORD. It is no small thing for the LORD to work so in one’s life so as to Lift them out of the old life of separation into a wonderful life of reconciliation and Life like we have never known.
If you have failed, let me invite you to Talk to the LORD about it, and let HIM give you rest. Let HIM pick you up out of the guilt and shame and renew your clothing. Only HE can do this for without Christ we can do nothing. It is our Trust in the Blood of Christ that will cleanse us over and over and over, and one day we will be fully Resurrected to be with the Father Forever. HE has not left us Alone, and without Assurance of our Salvation, for HE has sealed us with the HOLY SPIRIT, as a down payment on the Redemption of all that HE has promised. Unlike those other religions, we have the Promise of GOD and HE is not a man that HE should lie. Jesus has paid the Price for our Sin and there is no other sacrifice needed nor accepted, there is nothing that we could Ever give to pay this debt. Trust in Christ Today, for Tomorrow may never come for you or me. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Who Really Killed Jesus?


Who has believed our report?  And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?  For HE shall grow up before HIM as a tender plant, and as a root out of the dry ground.  HE has no form of comeliness, and when we see HIM, there is no beauty that we should desire HIM.  HE is despised and rejected by men.  A MAN of sorrows ands acquainted with grief, and We hid, as it were, our faces from HIM, HE was despised and we did not esteem HIM, Surely HE has borne our griefs and carried our sorrow, yet We esteemed HIM stricken, smitten by GOD and afflicted.  But HE was wounded for Our transgressions, bruised for Our iniquities, the chastisement for Our peace was upon HIM, and by HIS stripes we are healed.  Isaiah 53:1-5

Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise HIM, HE has put HIM to grief.  Isaiah 53:10

If you were to read the accounts given in the gospels about the crucifixion, and took them just as they are, you would understand that the Jews, and the Romans did the deed.  But if you look further and check out the over 300 prophesies that were written about Christ and HIS life, death, and resurrection, you would see that GOD is the one who really put HIM to death.  Oh HE used men, who at the time, thought they knew what was going on.  Jealous and envious, small men who wanted things, instead of GOD.

The Jews offered HIM up and the Romans performed, just as the LORD knew they would.  That’s not all though.  We were there too.

Every stripe that Jesus took from the scourge was given by our hand.  Every time that scourge dug into HIM We, You and I, We laughed at HIM and scorned HIM.  Every fist that slugged HIM was a blow that was thrown by Us.  We are the ones who punched him and spit on HIM.  We are the ones who formed the crown of thorns and with Our hands we thrust it into his flesh and them mocked HIM as king.

After We were done with the scourging, it was Us who led HIM to Pilate and it was Us who cried out,  “Crucify HIM”!  And it was all of Us who gave the order to carry out the execution.  It was Our hands, Yours and Mine, that held the nails that would suspend HIM between heaven and earth, and it was Us that swung the mallet, so as to drive those nails into HIS flesh.  Once HE was lifted up We mocked HIM and told HIM to come down from the cross and save HIMSELF,  We handed HIM the sponge, when HE said He thirsted.

A stripe for every sin We committed, not HIM.  HE died the agonizing death that should have been Our death, that should have been Our punishment.  And then the World still wonders if GOD loves them.  But HIS own words say it all.  After We had beaten and nailed HIM to a cross, he said, just before HE died; “Father Forgive Them, for They Know Not What They Do.”

Do You wonder if this is a GOD who loves us?  Let go of your questions, for the answer is and emphatic YES!  There is, of course, blame for those who were at the crucifixion, but We also share all of the blame, because HE loved us while We were yet Sinners.  Before the foundation of the world GOD’s plan was put forth.

This is Good Friday, the day that We put Jesus, an innocent man to death for Our sins.  It was Us who thrust the spear through HIS side.  And yet HE did all this for the very souls who day after day continue to laugh and mock HIM, daily crucifying HIM, if that were possible, and HE, all the time saying Come to ME you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.  HE is telling Us that all if forgiven if you will just come to me lay down those heavy burdens, lay them down at the foot of the cross and take the rest that Only I can provide.  Lay down the sin that is destroying you, and let’s work together, here let ME clean up the sores, and bind up your wounds.  Come let us reason together, and let ME help you with the things of life.  All it takes is for you to turn around and look to me, hear the knock at the door of your life and I will come in, when you open the door, and live in you and help you.  All your sin will be forgiven and you will be washed and clean, a new man.

If you have read this and feel the LORD tugging at your heart, please ask HIM to forgive you and to come into your heart.  It is an individual thing and no one can do it for you.  Do it today for tomorrow may never come.  If you have asked the LORD to be your Savior, tell someone and find a good Bible preaching church.  Get your self a Bible and read it everyday, start in the book of John.  If you have become a Christian, the angels of heaven are rejoicing and you have become a Child of the Living GOD, the Only GOD.

JTB Ministries


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 But although HE had done so many signs before them, they did not believe in HIM.

John 12:37

Isaiah asks the Question, “Who has believed our report?” Jesus came into this world and if you were to pass HIM on the street, you would not recognize HIM, for HE appeared as like us and therefore HE did not stand out. HE did not come in much ceremony, at least not from mankind, but in great proclamation from the angels, by a Star that guided the wise men, and yet only a select few knew who HE was.
Isaiah tells us that Nothing stood out about HIM and when HE was scourged men hid their faces from HIM and counted HIM as a great sinner as HE hung on the Cross, not knowing that this, seemingly defeat, was actually a great Victory. All the while, Satan, jumping for joy over this “Son of GOD” thinking that he would now be able to completely possess all that was GOD’S, for HIS SON, was dead. But the joke was on Satan, for this act was a victory over Sin and Death, and in a couple of days would be Validated by GOD HIMSELF, as HE raises HIS SON from the grave. 
This is not the end of the story, but it is the beginning for soon these 11 men and one that would make up for the betrayer would turn the world upside down with the Gospel. It can do the same in our hearts today for it is Eternal and transcends time. It is Truth and cannot be denied. Oh, I know that many do deny it but, it is because either they have not seen the evidence and therefore are dumb as rocks, or it is because they don’t want to. There is way too much evidence to simply say it didn’t happen unless one thinks that they are the end of truth and know everything. Whether we believe the Truth or not does not change the Truth, from being the Truth, it only reveals foolishness on our part. You can jump up in the air and Every Time you will come down to the ground, because this is a Law and it is Truth, and Truth with evidence. Jesus’ Resurrection is Truth and the Evidence of many disciples and at least 500, who lived at that time would be sufficient in any court of law. Paul spoke of this and said that if it were not true then others would know it and speak up. Not only had they seen the Resurrected Christ but many rose from the dead and were seen by many, and many of those who had seen the risen dead were still alive when Paul wrote.
GOD is still in the business of Raising the dead today, for each of us, without Christ, are Spiritually Dead and bound for hell. Jesus told us that we Must Be Born Again, and that those who believed in HIM would not perish. This is a wonderful thing, that GOD would come to earth and become a man, who then would teach about the FATHER and then to become the Sacrifice for All Who Would Receive HIM. HE made this Salvation Available to All the world, but Each of us must take the step of Faith to believe. Those who choose not to are condemned already as Jesus told us in John 3, but as long as we Breath we have an opportunity to trust in Christ. The biggest problem for us is that we do not know our future or if we even have one. Many who may read this may be dead in the next few minutes or hours or days, we do not know, and that is why we are told, “Today is the Day of Salvation, do not harden your hearts.”
If you don’t know the LORD may I invite you to ask HIM into your heart and to Trust HIM for your Salvation? HE will lift those burdens of Life and give you rest. HE will take that burden of Sin off or your shoulders and allow you to walk upright in The Right Clothing of Right standing with GOD. HE came to Reconcile us to the Father for our Sin was in the Way and Jesus took that Sin to open the Way. 
Just to up front, we do suffer the same things in life after we accept Christ, but now we have the Help of the HOLY SPIRIT to help us Through it and to Grow, knowing that HE is always with us. HE is the only one that can say, “I will Never Leave you nor Forsake you,” because HE is Everlasting and HE does not change. You will not have to worry that HE will change HIS mind and condemn you later. When we Sin, we can Confess it, and we do sin, but not as was our habit, and all our sin, Past, Present, and Future are taken care of. This is not to used as an excuse to sin further but so that we might grow in Christ, for the HOLY SPIRIT shows us our errors that we might repent. TODAY!!! Is the Day of Salvation!!!!!!!!
Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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