Not So Fast

 Even if all are made to stumble because of YOU, I will never be made to stumble. Matthew26:33

Personally, I think we should not be too harsh on Peter, for, I suspect, we have all made statements that we believed were true of us, only to find that we failed miserably. It is true in my own case and so I can readily identify with Peter. We all would like to be the hero and believe that, “We would be one to run into a burning building and save the child,” when in Reality we really don’t know what we would do unless we were actually put in that situation. This is what happened to Peter, he believed that he would be brave and stand up for Jesus but instead he failed. Some would call it presumption but I believe that he did believe that he would come through.
In my own case, many years ago, I embarked on a quest of sorts. I felt led to start a ministry and believed that I was called, still do, and so I did. I remember making statements of how I would see it through and that nothing could deter me, although, I did find it much harder than I had imagined it would be. I thought that if this was GOD’S Will then it should be easier, but those who follow the LORD will find bumps and potholes along the way, as they are tried to test their metal. Anyway, I believed that the LORD was first in my life and HE showed me otherwise. In a time of Fasting and Prayer, I was presented, in a vision, a blank notebook and told to put in it my heart’s desire. Though, as my sister said, I was honest, the LORD and Ministry were not on the Top, but something else was. Oh, I was elated at the vision and told others, but from that moment on the ministry was being given to others. Like Peter when I realized what was happening I was in sorrow and felt like a failure. Unlike Peter, who received deliverance on Sunday, mine took much longer as I pined over the fact that I had failed the ONE WHOM, I believed I could serve. It wasn’t that the LORD did not forgive me, but it was another failure on my part to seek that forgiveness and then to forgive myself.
Paul told us to be wary when we stand lest we fall. It is good to bold for Christ but we don’t even know our own hearts in most cases. It may be better to just do than to boast that we will and then not. Proverbs talks about someone who falsely boasts of giving, being like great clouds without rain. When we boast of what we will do and then do not produce, when the situation arises, we are like that cloud without rain, or all talk and not action. How many have stood by as one was drowning and had not the courage to jump in and save? As I said earlier, we all believe we are heroes, but circumstance will either prove us or show us.
I have since asked the LORD to make sure that I do not fail HIM again in this way, though because I am human, I know I fail HIM in other ways. This one failure still comes to mind, as I’m sure that Peter’s did for the rest of his life. When he was to be crucified, Peter, asked to be crucified upside down, because he thought himself not worthy to be killed in the same manner as his LORD, Jesus. I believe that this shows that Peter was ever cognizant of his failure and did not want to repeat it.
There is a song that I have loved since I first heard it, and it is, HE’S Alive, and it is a song about bold talk, failure, sorrow and the Redemption and Forgiveness. I struggle to get through it, for it brings back memories of my own failure and also of GOD’S Great Grace and Forgiveness. From the time the ministry was wrenched out of my hands I have been on a journey and I know that this journey is not complete, as the LORD shows me more areas that need work. I’m good with it because it shows that HE LOVES me and has not forsaken me.
When, next time, you hear this account of the Apostle Peter and begin to think how weak he was, Step back a moment and ask yourself what you would have done, were you there. It may be good to remember that All the others forsook Jesus as well, so Peter was not alone, he may have been the boldest but certainly not alone. 
I know, from experience, what failure is like and many others do, if they will admit it, but the LORD uses those failures to show us where we are. It’s awful easy to be bold when we are among friends but when push comes to shove maybe not so much. What is important is that the LORD Knows us and if we let HIM, HE will help us to know ourselves better, for HE understands that we don’t really know what we are made of. It is a journey through Faith, and as Paul tells us, the gifts and calling are without repentance. In other words GOD has not rescinded what gifts we have been given nor does HE rescind our Calling, for all that we go Through and all our failures and successes are for growth in our faith. Faith that is directed in the right place, IN GOD, and not in us nor our abilities, for without Christ we can do Nothing.
If you have failed the LORD, HE is waiting for you to seek HIM and HE wants you to forgive yourself and learn from it. Like Paul we are to learn, but to forget about yesterday and press on. GOD has not moved from you and HE wants you to Succeed in HIM. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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HE Can Fix It

 HE heals the Brokenhearted and Binds up their Wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Today I am able to say a hearty, Thank You LORD! for all the stuff that I have been through. I can say this because I know that the LORD was always there with me and that HE meant all things for my good. Romans 8:28 Through all HE has taught me and nurtured me, HE has given me some wisdom and understanding, and HE has made it possible for me to be able to speak and write a word of comfort to those who are still Brokenhearted and Wounded, for I have been there and know that it is not easy when we are going Through. Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the Morning. Let Today be your morning of Joy and Draw near to GOD who heals with HIS Word.
I have found out over the years, and especially the last couple, that the Closer I want to be with HIM the more healing I receive, for whether I am healed in my body, Most importantly, to me, is to be healed in my Spirit. I’ve found that with prayer and a willingness to be in HIS presence and a Longing to be there, I find peace, the Peace that passes all understanding. In the natural it doesn’t seem possible but I yearn to Walk in the Spirit and by Faith, the kind that Abraham had, who believed GOD and it was accounted unto him for Righteousness. Let me encourage all those who are hurting today, wounded from the past to turn to the LORD, whether you are saved or not. The saved also suffer from Wounds that have accumulated over the years and some of these wounds are deep. The LORD wants to Bind up those wounds for you and heal the Broken heart, but we must surrender them to HIM. 
Jesus told us to come to HIM, all those who are weary and heavy laden and HE would give us Rest. We, through surrender to HIM, can have that peace and rest, when we Approach the Cross and Lay all of our burdens at the Foot of That Blessed Cross and Leave them There. We are not built for burden and so the LORD says Come and let me help you with that. In the Law when we see another’s beast of burden collapsing under the weight of the burden we are to relieve that situation. If GOD, in HIS mercy for animals, wants us to help, Do you think that HE is not ready to help us? While we are struggling under the weight of our own burdens we are to be a comforter to others, for we can minister to those to whom we can relate. We can Sympathize with them because we have borne similar burdens and we have knowledge that GOD has seen us Through and that there is purpose in them, if only to be a comfort to another.
As Sister Joyce Meyer might say, “Faith comes in Cans,” and so we Can Come to Jesus, We can Lay that Burden on HIM, whether it is sin or some Wound that we have been festering with. For that is what a wound does, it gets infected and festers with pus and when it gets really bad it turns to Gangreen and it needs to be amputated. Jesus bore our sin and that burden can be dealt with, simply by asking HIM to forgive and With all sincerity Turning from our sin and To Jesus. This is the Reason HE came and the Very Reason HE Went to the Cross, so that those who would Believe would not perish but have everlasting life. GOD wants us to be free from the burdens that keep us in bondage to the enemy, for it is bondage to be locked into the past and allowing our hurts to dictate our future. 
There is Healing in the Word of GOD and Prayer. There is great Healing in Worship and Praise. We will be doing a lot of that in Heaven and it was a Staple in the life of our Savior. Without Jesus we can do nothing, and HE wants to help us, but we must Allow HIM to. HE will allow us to muddle on where we are, but maybe, just maybe, HE is saying to you, Right Now, through me, that it is time for you to lay those burdens down and begin to walk upright, as the Psalmist says, “But we have risen and stand upright.” We are, those who have Trusted Christ, Risen with Christ and we Stand in Righteousness. Let our testimony be that it is, “No longer I who live but it is Christ who lives in me.” The Old man has died and we are Risen to New Life, and the Condemnation of the Old is done away with for we are New creatures in Christ and Our sin has been taken away.
I urge anyone who is Brokenhearted and Wounded to begin to Praise the LORD for all that HE has seen you Through and Seek to find out what is to be learned from it. HE did not leave us when we were tried or suffered a wrong done to us, but HE was right there with us. This begins with Forgiveness for the wrong done and to the Person who did it, and it is Asking forgiveness for harboring the unforgiveness that we did. Don’t let another moment go by without Forgiving and if you do you will find healing right away.
GOD Heals the Brokenhearted and HE Binds up those Wounds. Forgive, Ask and Receive, for HIS GLORY. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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False Teachers

 But certain men have crept in unnoticed, who were long ago marked for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the Grace of our GOD into lewdness, and deny the LORD GOD, and our LORD Jesus Christ.

Jude 4

I was watching Charles Stanley this morn and he was speaking on why Jesus had to die. He also brought up the fact that the Tares are, and have been, spreading the Lie that Jesus didn’t really have to because we can work our way into GOD’S good grace, and that this proves that GOD is unjust because HE Sacrificed an Innocent for the Guilty. This is a Lie out of hell. It is GOD’S rules that we play by and from the beginning an Innocent paid the price for Sin.
These who come into the Church and preach another Gospel are Condemned for they lead people into lies that will cost them Eternity with the LORD. They preach good works and leave out the Cross and the Resurrection that Validates the Ministry of Jesus and HIS Sacrifice, once and for all, a Perfect Sacrifice. This was GOD’S work for us so that we would be able to be Saved from the pit of hell. GOD HIMSELF became a man, a man without Sin to be the Substitute for us, for a substitute is needed to bear our sin. Had HE not done this we would be lost, and still in our sin.
Some will tell us that all the world is already saved because Jesus went to the Cross. Another lie for it is specifically told to us by Jesus that only those who Believe in HIM and turn from their sin will be saved. What is true is that GOD has Provided “THE” Way to Salvation, but as with anything it has to be accepted by the Individual in order to be completed. If you are broke and a dollar is offered, it does you no good should your choose to not accept it. Many want the dollar but they want it on their own terms, they want to go on living as they did and just believe that Jesus existed. James tells us that this is great, that you believe, but he says, “Even the demons believe, and what’s more they tremble.” Just believing will not suffice, many believe and there is not one in hell that doesn’t.
You may say well it says that we are to believe and be baptized and we will be saved. Well said, but the Baptism is an outward sign of a change of heart and a turning from sin, it is not a catch all that absolves one of sin. First we Turn to GOD and Away from a sinful life, We ask the LORD to forgive us out of a heart that knows it cannot save itself. Then we turn our life over to GOD and show our alliance with HIM by Water Baptism. Jesus told Nicodemas that a Man MUST be Born Again, born of the Water and the Spirit. John the Baptist said that he, indeed, baptized with Water, but there was One who is higher than he who will Baptize with the HOLY SPIRIT and fire. It is the Baptism of the Spirit that is what we are after. If we are Truly Broken and Absolutely Sincere when we come to the LORD, then HE forgives us and Fills us with HIS SPIRIT, for without it is not possible live a life with HIM. For Jesus told us that “Without HIM we could do Nothing.” We need HIM to help us and HE has sent the HOLY SPIRIT to be our helper. It doesn’t mean that we won’t sin, but it means that Sin is not our life, but an interruption, and one that is easily repaired by Confession and Repentance.
Being Saved means that we are Justified, our as GOD sees it, Just as If we had Never Sinned. HE sees us through the Blood of Jesus and Declares us Righteous. Along with Salvation is the idea that we are to Live a New life for the Old one, of sin, is passed away, or dead, and we are Raised into New Life with Christ. This is the Symbolism of Water Baptism, we go under the Water into death, the death of our Sin, and we are raised up With Christ into a New life, having died to Sin.
There is No Salvation without the Cross, without the Death of Christ and If HE did not Rise from the Dead then we are all Without hope, for the Resurrection is Validation of GOD’S Acceptance of Jesus’ Sacrifice. Let me Repeat, there is NO Salvation without the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ and it is in this Sacrifice and HIS substitutionary death Alone that is Sufficient. Not HIS Sacrifice and our goodness, or anything else. We can’t buy our way in for there is only ONE WAY and that is Through Christ.
This is how we get Saved, Accept it or not the Choice is up to you. You can scoff at this but when you die, you won’t like where you go. GOD doesn’t send people to hell, they make the choice themselves because they won’t take the Ticket to get them where, “they say,” they want to go. Oh, and don’t delay, for, like the rest of us, we don’t know what will happen in the next few minutes, let alone, the rest of our Lives?
Don’t let anyone deceive you and if one comes into your Church and preaches another Gospel, run them out or set them in the right direction. The time is getting shorter for all of us, but once you’re dead there is no Second chance, in fact this may be Your Only chance. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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 Jesus Wept.

John 11:35

I only remember two recorded instances of Jesus weeping, this at seeing the grief of those mourning over the death of HIS friend Lazarus, and the other as HE entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. It may seem odd that One as Powerful as this would be found crying, we might even think it a sign of weakness that GOD would be emotional. GOD’S ways are past finding out, but it says to me that HE is Compassionate and that HE grieves over HIS Own.
Jesus, looking over HIS Creation wept for the City where HIS temple is the City of David, not because HE was not worshipped and believed but because this city had missed all those sent to them. What do you think HE may be doing today if HE were to stand over this nation and see Washington D.C.? I think that HE would weep also, seeing how far we have gotten away from where we began. It is not too far fetched to think this for many Grieve over what is going on today, and after all, we are Made in the Image of GOD. When we see the gross injustice and those who are supposed to leaders being out of control for power.
Do you think that those who are Called Reverand and spew hate and not the LOVE of Jesus, that HE is not grieved? Paul told us not to grieve the Spirit but I would say that when men stand and spew the kind of Hatred that we see and then call themselves by the name of Christ then HE must be grieved. These words are not those of the LORD but of men who want to get revenge for something that did not even happen to them. They continue to keep up the Offense instead of Bringing Healing they bring further discontent and hatred. To me they are like those whom Jesus spoke about who made prosylites and then made them more of the children of the devil than themselves.
I think Jesus would be weeping over how we treat each other and how we only think about ourselves. I know that when tragedy strikes this nation steps up to help and that is commendable and at Thanksgiving and Christmas we turn out for the poor, but maybe it is not the gifts that they need but the Gospel. Of course there are many who care little to hear the Gospel but, like those who wanted to make Jesus King after HE fed them, they just want to go on living the way they are and having someone else take care of them. This is a dangerous thing for one day those will be able to Take what they want and not wait for it to be given.
I believe that Jesus would Weep because We have Rejected HIM, HIS FATHER, and HIS WAY. Because we have done this and kept silent, there is a great falling away and the love of many has grown cold. Things that were not even considered as possible for us to do some years ago are now, common place and they must be acceptable because no one is stopping it. No one is calling for the Church to stand Together in these times, but instead we have Division and Fragmentation, this should not be so, and another cause of our Savior to Weep as HE sees HIS Church Split apart and at odds with one another over men’s doctrines. This should not be so, for it is GOD’S Doctrine that will stand and HIS Word that will Outlast all of man’s Doctrines. The world will Pass away but HIS Word will last forever.
Take a moment and think about what might make Jesus Weep in our own lives, for we do not want to grieve the HOLY SPIRIT. When we look may we Repent and Turn from that which HE shows us. The Psalmist says, “Who can know their errors, Cleanse me from Secret Faults.” Ps.19 Pray and Seek and you shall find. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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A Word From the LORD

 When YOU said, “Seek MY face,” my heart said to YOU, “YOUR Face, LORD I will seek.” Psalm 27:8

I’m going to be bold today and say that this is the Word of GOD that HE gave to me today. Everywhere I have read today has said the same thing. SEEK the LORD!!!!!!!!
I could picture in my mind’s eye Jesus going into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, riding on a colt, as did the Kings of Israel in the past. You can see it as they lay palms and clothing in front of HIM, crying our HOSANNA to our King. This is no mere king but HE is the Owner of all things and the KING of KINGS. Suddenly HE pauses and looks over Jerusalem and we can hear HIM, Weeping over what is to come in Jerusalem, and saying how many times HE wanted to gather them together and be their shelter, as a hen gathers her chicks, but they would not.
I say again, SEEK the LORD, for HE longs to be your comfort, your refuge and shelter, HE longs to be your protection. This is a word for the Church also, for you are not seeking HIM as you should. I was deeply moved in my Spirit as I thought of the Revival that is needed in the Church and HIS call to SEEK HIM.  I’m reminded of the woman with the issue of bleeding and her belief that if she could just touch the hem of HIS garment she would be healed. The Church needs healing today, yes they need physical healing, but much More we need Spiritual Healing, Healing in our souls as we draw near to HIS return. In Zephaniah 2 the Prophet Pleads with GOD’S people to SEEK the LORD, especially those who are humble. He tells them that it may be that GOD would spare them in the day of Wrath. We are not appointed to Wrath, but many are and it is to those that we need to bring this message.
I say to the Church, “Put away the doctrines of men, Trust in the LORD and lean not on your own understanding, Preach Christ and HIM Crucified, make Disciples of those whom you have been priviliged enough to be present when they accepted Christ. Do not think that it is because of your eloquence that they were swayed, for you were only the mouth by which the HOLY SPIRIT, spoke the words they needed to hear. Step back from your pride and in Humility Teach them about Christ and What it means to Walk in the Spirit.”
SEEK the LORD, all HIS Saints, for HE has far more for us than we could even imagine. HE wants us to Seek HIM and Walk with HIM, allowing HIM to have Sway in our lives as HE walks along side us. HE wants to give us gifts to help us to be a Comfort to others and in the midst of this HE Comforts us and Heals us. HE Heals up our Brokenness and Binds up the Wounds of Life, using those Wounds to help others as we minister to them out of our LOVE for HIM and our experience. We minister to others the Truth that HE will See us Through, that HE has not forsaken us nor left us. He helps us to minister to others the LOVE that HE has for them and HE LOVES Through us.
SEEK the LORD You HIS Saints for HE desires you to be Content and Joyful in HIS Strength. HE desires us to Rest in HIM and to be Quiet and Know that HE is GOD, walking in the Faith that HE has it under control, so that we can do the work HE has given us without Fear. HE is our Rock and Salvation, so What can man do to us? HE desires us to Walk in Faith and Use the Gifts and Talents that HE has Given us, for they come from No One else, and if we Receive them in Humility and in the manner given then we can use them as HE gives us direction. Freely we have been Given and Freely we should Give, for What do you have that is not been given by the LORD? Or, what in the world is not the LORD’S, to with as HE pleases, and Who will say to the LORD, “What are YOU doing?”
SEEK the LORD For HE seeks you. Can’t you hear that Gentle knock at the Door of your heart? Can’t you feel the tug at your heart to Surrender and Let HIM In? Can’t you feel the Stirring in your Spirit to get on your face and Submit and SEEK HIM? Today is the Day of Salvation for we know not of Tomorrow, Today is the day to SEEK HIM, whether Saved or Not for HE Seeks you. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Status Report

 Go therefore and make disciples of All nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:19

We seem to have gotten one thing right, and that is we have spread the Gospel, but it seems one thing is lacking. It is not all the fault of the Church, for GOD’S people try, but there is a lack in the individual to grasp the Truth and a lack of Commitment, and Character to proceed any farther then where they got in. David Jeremiah tells the story of a child who after going to bed was found by his mother to be wailing. Having fallen out of bed she asked, “What’s wrong?” and the reply was, “I seem to have been too close to where I got in.” Maybe that is where you are today, too close to where you got in. You gave your sin to Jesus and that is about all there was to your “Conversion.” I would urge you to Repent of this and Rededicate yourself for You Can Begin Again, as Joyce Meyer would so aptly put it. The LORD would like us to stop wasting time and start to get Serious about our Salvation.
Maybe you are like the seed that fell by the wayside and the birds of the air ate and it was stolen from you by the devil. Open you ears and hear the Word of GOD, for Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD. Someone has been sent to speak to you of GOD’S Love for you and HIS wish that you be Saved and spend Eternity with HIM.
Maybe you are like the seed that fell on hard ground and though watered, you lacked root and your faith soon withered and shrunk. Open your ears to hear what the Spirit of the LORD is saying to you. To those who overcome, I will make them Pillars in the Temple of MY GOD. There is root in all of us and we have the Image of GOD in each soul, for HE has said that HE formed man in HIS OWN Image.
Maybe you are like the seed that when planted and watered you grew, but the cares of this world have interfered with your walk and you have failed to produce anything. Repent and Trust in the LORD with All your heart, turn away from the teachings of this world and Be Not Conformed to this World but be Transformed by the Renewing of your minds. Rededicate yourself for HE is GOD of the second Chance and HIS gifts are still there, should you Choose to proceed. There are cares of this world that want to draw us away, money, houses, prestige, or whatever, but these are only Temporary and the LORD is ETERNAL. Put, therefore your minds on the things that last Eternally and not on that which will pass by rust and moth.
Maybe you have been offended by one in the Church and so Unforgiveness has Stifled your wish to be a Servant of the LORD or maybe you are working and are not happy yourselves because there is unfinished business that you must take care of. Repent and Forgive, what you have been given, give Freely. In so doing you may have the Joy of your Salvation Restored to you.
Hopefully you are the seed that fell in Good soil and you grew and are making a difference in your world. You are reaching out to others and your yield is 30, 60, or a 100 fold. You are in the process of Persevering and GOD is saying because you have kept MY Command to Persevere, I will keep you from the hour of Trial that will come upon the Whole world.
From time to time we are to take a look at where we are in our walk with the LORD, but because of our Bias towards ourselves, we often don’t actually see where we are or are deceived, thinking we are farther along. Might I suggest Surrendering all that and Really get with the LORD and pray, Seeking HIS Assessment. For this we must be still and listen, we must be submitted to HIM, for HE resists the Proud, but Gives Grace to the Humble. HE may not give you what you are looking for right away, it may take awhile for HIM to show what is on HIS mind, but HE WILL show us if we are Willing to Pay Attention. It is so that we can be As Close to the LORD as We are Willing to Be, and HE desires to be Intimate and Know you, as my pastor said the other day, like in a marriage, that kind of Intimacy. Remember the words of David in the 91st Psalm, ” Because he has set his love upon ME, therefore I will deliver him, I will set him on High because he has Known MY name.” GOD speaking to that one who Dwells in the Secret Place of the MOST HIGH. When GOD is pleased with us, HE makes, even our enemies to be at Peace with us, says the writer of Proverbs and Paul tells us that, “If GOD is for us Who can be against us?”
Those who produce are those who Pray and Read and Study to show themselves Approved, Go and do likewise. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Help is on the Way

 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but it Of the World.

1 John 2:16

Unfortunately men are plagued by all three of these, but I want to focus on the two that have plagued me and those are the Lust of the Flesh and of the Eyes. I know that many today are in bondage to these two things in one form or another and to varying degrees. There are a lot of reasons why but, of course, men are wired as visual and are excited by the things they see whether in or out of the Church, for this plagues men who are born again just as much as those who don’t know the LORD.
Some of us, men, find an attraction to Porn because we were exposed to it at an early age, but even those exposed later are attracted. Some of us we sexually assulted as children and also exposed to porn. I can say with great experience that when one is molested as a child, whether they are male of female, it leaves a mark that hounds them for all their lives. It is, after all a mark of shame, even though the child has done nothing to deserve what has been done to them. Men may turn to porn and affairs, after marriage, and women may go from one brutal man to another and many, men and women, go to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain they feel in their souls.
Some today think that this molestation is a victimless crime and therefore we should just accept it and go on. I believe, because I was a victim of this, that, while those who perpetrate this on another Need help, they need to be put away for a very long time to get that help and the victim needs help also. Those victimized by others will bear the marks of the crime in many ways, never feeling like they are loved and seeking love in all the wrong places. At the root of this it is like all Sin, it is a rebellion against GOD and HIS WAYS. It is allowing the devil to take control of all that GOD said was good, for it is GOD who gave us sex for procreation and in the context of Marriage this is Wonderful, but outside it is what we see and worse than we can imagine.
We, men, need to be especially careful for we can fall in a heartbeat, sometimes just a smile can be all it takes and we’re off and running. My wife is always saying how dumb men are, and especially older fellas that trip all over themselves when a younger woman pays attention to them. We have to be careful and be on our toes when we are in the presence of a woman and there is no one else around. We should Never try to Minister to a woman without someone else with us, for temptation is alway in sight. A case in point might be the story of Joseph and Potifars wife. It is not always the man that is at fault.
Pornography is a very strong bondage but I know from experience that the LORD is Stronger and this addiction, like any other, can be overcome by prayer and deliverance from the LORD. Even after deliverance a person may fall, but thank GOD for we can confess this and start again. 1 John 1:7 tells us this that GOD is Faithful and Just to forgive us and cleanse us from all Unrighteousness. David told us that a Righteous man falls 7 times but the LORD does not utterly cast him down. It is perseverance and being alert that will help us, and most of all, Reliance on GOD.  But if you should think that you can do it on your own, you are mistaken and worse you are Presumptuous in your assessment that you don’t need GOD to help you. You are in reality calling Jesus a liar, for HE said that we could do Nothing without him.
I would encourage anyone who is plagued by this curse from the devil to turn to Christ and to Pray, to Repent, and to Ask GOD for Deliverance. Then after you have prayed, get up and go in the Power of the Spirit. It does no good for us to pray that the LORD keep us from temptation and then go to the place where temptation lies. If we have trouble with porn, maybe staying off the internet, when alone, is a very good thing. We also have to make ourselves accountable to someone and not be upset when they call us on it. Addictions are all bad, but I think the hardest ones are those that seem to be accepted by society around us.
I pray that all those who read this and have a problem in this area, will be delivered and set Free from any addiction they may have. I pray that they will Seek the LORD and HIS healing in the area of their addiction. I pray that the LORD will bread down the Strongholds and Lies that separate them from Fellowship with the LORD and as those Strongholds come down that the LORD will fill all those empty spaces with HIS HOLY SPIRIT.
Oh, that they may know Jesus and the Power of HIS Resurrection. That they may have fellowship with HIS Suffering and be conformed to HIS Death. May GOD put a Hedge of Protection around all those who Seek HIM.
Remember Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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