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If you haven’t heard, Al died in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday. Al’s wife Kathy thanks everyone who read this blog. She also covets your prayers as she now faces life without her partner of 47 years.

Those desiring to send Kathy Roberts condolences can write her at 18740 Jewell Rd, Cottonwood, CA,  96022.

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Confrontation and Response

 You are that man!

2 Samuel 12:7

There are two ways to handle a situation such as this one in 2 Samuel, for we can do as David and Repent or we can deny it and suffer the consequences. I’m sure that Nathan did a better job of bringing this sin to light than we do, for some of it depends on the the one bringing sin to light. It can depend on whether the person who is bringing it is Personally involved and because of great frustration has finally come to the end of their rope, so to speak, and having been there I know that in this scenerio it can be handled badly. Nathan was a prophet and he was sent by the LORD to Confront David about his sin. He used a parable to reach him, and David’s Response was Repentance, and Psalm 51 is reflective of his heart, wanting to have the joy of his Salvation restored to him. He understood that he had sinned against GOD and HIM only, and he Confessed his sin and sought redemption and forgiveness.
The response of David is the correct way to handle a Confrontation like this, for in his response came forgiveness and healing. There were, of course, consequences for his actions and a price was paid, but his soul was healed as he took responsibility for what had been done. 
Sometimes others cannot receive what is trying to be brought forward and a parable will not do it, for the person seems incapable of connecting the parable to themselves, or common sense cannot be grasped. It may be that a hard jolt is the thing that will work, something to wake the offender up to face their offense. For instance, one who is continually speeding on the road, won’t stop because of an accident, that happens to someone else, but they may slow down after being issued a ticket or they experience an accident themselves. It would be good for us to learn from others mistakes, but it seems that the best lessons learned are the ones we learn ourselves. We learn not to touch the stove, not because we were told not to, but because we did and found it to be hot. 
There is a thing called Tough Love, and sometimes this is the only thing that will work in one’s life. It doesn’t mean that the person administering the Tough Love wants to harm the other, but is an act of Love, wanting to Wake up one who is pursuing a wrong direction. I certainly would like to see that we could understand the person doing the Tough Love as one who is working for the best of the one getting it, but often they are seen as the bad guy. When others look at a situation and make a call, they are not always seeing the whole picture, but only a glimpse of it. It is always good to pray and refrain from making snap judgments when dealing with others, better to step back and pray than to cause a further problem.
The other way of responding to Confrontation is to deny that there is a problem and to make excuses for it. This is the way to ruin, for the sin committed is not taken care of but is continued on getting worse and worse until either folks give up on us or we experience disorders caused by the guilt we are carrying around with us. We know that we are doing wrong in our spirit, but our flesh won’t let us admit it for it has control over us. When we control the flesh we can humble ourselves and confess our mistakes or sin and move on. David, ultimately, had a heart for GOD and so his response led him to Repent. One who allows their flesh to control will not submit, but will continue on to ruin, choosing to live a lie and continue on. This is not GOD’S will for us because HE Knows the devastation that this brings to our lives, and the lives of those around us. HIS will is for us to Own up and get if out of the way, such as David did.
There is great value in fasting for it brings into subjection the flesh. Fasting can be anything that means a lot to us, for instance, liking sweets, we may fast chocolate or cookies. There are Two reasons for Fasting and the most Important one is to Seek the LORD, the other is afflict the flesh and take control of it. Simply fasting with no seeking of the LORD is just dieting, but this fast becomes a true one when we spend time with the LORD and seek HIS direction and healing.
If someone has Confronted you about something you have the choice to Respond whether in affirmation and repentance or denial. Whatever a step back to survey what is being said is a correct response also for any Confrontation can be of value if put into the perspective of: “Is GOD trying to teach me something here?” or “Is there something in my life that is offensive to others and the LORD?” A question, such as these, may save a whole lot of anger and strife. The writer of Proverbs tells us to stop contention before it starts because any fool can start a quarrel. It it good not to get to the place where a heated Confrontation takes place, for in the heat of the moment, many unkind things are said that also bear consequences. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Not Immune

 Now faith is the substance of things Hoped for and the Evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

The other day I wrote about having a Content Spirit, and just to let you know, there was a testing for me with this word. Many would think that someone who gives a Word from the LORD just gives it and all is well, but that is not the truth, for the LORD also tests the hearts of those to whom HE speaks through, whether it is our pastor, or one of the flock. It’s good to speak out in faith, but the question remains: “Do you believe what you are speaking, or is this just something you’re passing along for someone else?” Every Word given by those who, by faith, speak out is tested, because if you do not believe it the speaker is in want. So I had some trials to show me how much I believed and I learned something. Just like all of us more work is needed and so prayer and Rest in the LORD are not perfect for me, but I press on as Paul spoke about in Philippians 3. It is a vast mistake to think that we have arrived for this side of heaven, “More work is Needed.”
James said that without works faith is dead, stepping out in faith or Praying Through is a Work of Faith, for it is not just the outward things we do that shows where we are in our faith, but it is those inward, immeasurable things that also show where we are. It is easy to claim faith when all is well, but the measure of our faith is when things seem to fall apart, and we don’t know what that looks like until they do. When all is well then suddenly the air conditioner goes out and it’s 100 degrees outside, or the motor blows up on our car and we’re 50 miles from home, then our faith and our contentment are tested. Each time they are we either have grown some or we have not, and GOD knew all the time where we were.
The object of the Philippians 4 verses is that the LORD is Teaching us to be content and we can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens us but if we were not tested it is just a theory, and not based on fact. It’s a good promise and welcomed but never having been put to the test is just a confession with nothing to prove it. These are some of the works that James was talking about and not only the feeding of the poor or whatever other work we do. Faith says that GOD will get us through and we prove that by testing and relying on HIM, then the test is a barometer of our actual faith, for faith without testing is dead.
So when a test comes the first place we go is to Prayer and then we trust that HE will help us, and HE is as HE gives us Peace and Grace to go Through whatever it is that is confronting us. This is why James says to count it all joy when we are tested, for it grows our faith. Being faithful in the small stuff helps us when something big comes alone because the small stuff has Equipped us with the tools to get us through the big. 
Some of it is just life that everyone goes through and some is specifically for us so that we grow, and that is what the LORD is trying to do, make us grow. HE also wants us to trust and this is built over time. The more we go through the more we see HIS hand helping us and without it our trust would be based on blindness, not having any basis but Faith Alone. This is where we all start, Faith Alone, putting our trust in GOD for our Salvation, then as we move along, the LORD shows us that Our Faith is Valid and that we can trust HIM with all of our needs and in whatever circumstance we are in. HE already knows the extent of our trustworthyness and has Still forgiven us and Saved us, and HE also knows what we will overcome and what we won’t, but our Salvation is not based on that, but it is based on what HE has Already done for us before we got Saved. While we were still sinners HE died for us, HE provided the way 2000 years before we were even thought of, so nothing we do is a surprise to HIM Who knows the end and the beginning. Knowing this we can Rest in HIM and bring it all to HIM, for HE has already said that HE loves us, and wants the best for us. We have hope in HIM Who is unseen and have the Evidence of HIS Love in Jesus. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Having a Content Spirit

I know how to be abased and I know how to abound. Everywhere in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ, Who, strengthens me.

Philippians 4:12&13

Many quote the 13th verse and like another one that is not put into context is one from James that speaks about resisting the devil and him fleeing from us, forgetting the Other part of that is the Submission to GOD part. It is good to quote Scripture, but we should also be aware or the context in which the verse is. For if you are not submitted to GOD then you can resist all you want, but it will be with failure, for without Jesus, we can do nothing, and without the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and the Authority of the Name of Jesus, we could end up like the seven sons of Sceva.
Verse 12 speaks of Learning and being Taught, it also speaks to Situations, not specifically but surely a broader thought can be gleaned from it. Money is a big thing, I suspect it always has been, and it plays a large role in our lives. When we have it we feel secure, and when we are lacking in it there is anxiety, but Paul is telling us that he is learning to cope either way, whether he has some or not. He is telling us that his faith is in Jesus and that faith is manifested and exercised by the power of the Resurrection of Christ, that he spoke about in chapter 3. Later in this chapter he will tell us that he is confident that the LORD Will supply All his needs through Christ Jesus. Paul is confident that the LORD Will give him what he has Need of and what is Good for him, not necessarily what his latest whim is. GOD does not promise us to give us our Wants, but our Needs are very important to HIM. Jesus told us to understand that our needs would be met and so we were Not to be worried about them.
There is another side to this and it is That Contentedness that is prevalent in one who completely Trusts in GOD. They learn to be like Jesus, who is meek and mild, gentle and kind, manifesting the Fruits of the Spirit no matter what the situation. I can tell you this is hard to learn, for our Flesh is not happy when we refuse to retaliate or when we give, or comfort another soul. When someone abuses us we want to get back at them and it does not want to forgive, but this is the way of the LORD, to give freely what we have been given. We received Forgiveness and we are to Forgive others, even, I believe, if they have not asked for it, for our well being is at stake. It is hard to forgive if you don’t have the attitude of forgiveness and a willingness to forgive.
Yes there is much more to these verses than meets the eye, for it is not just about food, or money but in context it speaks of a Journey of Peace and Contentment, one where we are Content in all Circumstance, whether we are being praised or abased, whether we are flush with cash or wondering where our next meal was coming from. When we Truly Trust in Jesus then we know that HE Will supply what we have need of and it eliminates unrest and anxiety. We need to Thank the LORD each day for HIS provision and Rest in HIM for it is All in HIS Hands. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Axe at the Roots

 And seeing a fig tree by the side of the road, being hungry, HE came to it and seeing No Fruit on it but only leaves said to it, “Let no fruit grow on you again.” Immediately it withered away.

Matthew 21:18

What do you think, would the LORD curse a tree out of season? Surely HE would know that trees bear fruit in their seasons. I believe we can assume that this tree was supposed to have fruit on it, for the LORD is not Unjust, nor would HE condemn something that was incapable of producing.
There is a saying in Proverbs that a man is Valued by what others say of him, meaning whatever value, whether good or bad, is assessed to a man is how he is seen by the world. But GOD, has a different set of evaluations because HE sees what is in a man’s heart, and not only what is seen on the outside. This is why HE called David a man after HIS own heart, not because David was perfect or because of his great works, but because he had a heart for GOD. We could look at David, in the way that Samuel did and see nothing that would suppose him to become king, but the LORD saw different.
This word from Jesus is also an indictment of the leaders of Israel at the time, although not quite to the extent that the tree was cursed, for Israel will bear fruit again. When members of the rulers came to John the Baptist, he told them to go and bear Fruit worthy of baptism, for this was a sign of Repentance. He further told them that the axe was already being laid to the tree, saying that they were in danger of being cut down and taken out to be burned with the other trash. So are those who refuse to bear fruit, for a farmer will not water and fertilize a plant, forever, that will not bear anything, but instead he cuts it down or pulls it out by it’s roots and discards it.
Paul told us in Galatians that the Fruits of the Spirit are these, Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Goodness, Faithfulness, Kindness, Gentleness, and Self Control, and that there was no Law against these things. We are to, in our Walk with the LORD, strive for these Fruits. We could try on our own to achieve these but it is very difficult and probably near impossible. The LORD told us that we can do Nothing without HIM, and it is in this tone that I say that we can achieve these Fruits with HIS Help, if we seek HIM. It is a hard process, for it entails Rest in the LORD, Listening to what the SPIRIT is saying, and Prayer. The LORD will bring to our attention what is in need of Change and HE will help us to change, if we let HIM.
So, it takes Willingness to Change as the LORD leads us, and it also takes a heart willing to work towards the change HE wants in us. Jesus is our example, though HE never sinned, yet HE became a man and walked among us. HE Rested in HIS Refuge and Walked in Peace, showing that one who is Submitted to the Leading of the SPIRIT can Bear Fruit.
We have a choice, to seek to bear fruit, or to wither on the vine, as we choose to be unfruitful. Remember GOD sees the heart, so HE is not fooled by some outward show of piety with a heart that is only Paying lipservice. Better to check our heart and Submit to HIS leading than to walk in a lie, thinking we are ok when we are not. What do others say of us? Do they see No Fruit or are we an abundantly fruited tree? Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Heed the Call!

 Your Works, Oh GOD, are awesome, and by YOUR Great Power YOUR enemies will submit to you.

Psalm 66

Since the rebellion of Lucifer, who wanted to exalt himself above the FATHER, he, along with his world system, has tried to thwart the Will of GOD, “But GOD,” as the Psalmist says, Will prevail. The writer of Proverbs tells us that it is the Plan of GOD that will be Victorious, no matter the plans of man or powers in high places. Jesus spoke in like manner when HE told Peter that on the Rock of Peter’s testimony of who HE is, the Gates of hell will not prevail.
Since the Garden, Satan, has tried to destroy GOD’S creation and has over the years tried his best to get rid of the Word of GOD and anyone who stands for Righteousness, and in all this he has failed miserably. The Church, and before us, the devil has tried to destroy those of faith and in every attempt the faith of GOD’S People has grown. Seven thousand would not bend the knee to Baal in Elijah’s time, and the LORD ALWAYS, preserved a Remnant of HIS people no matter what was going on to dissuade it. When Babylon sacked Jerusalem, GOD kept back those of Faith that Israel might be preserved, and many learned a lesson from what they suffered. Great men of Faith like Ezra and Nehemiah stood in the gap along with Ezekial and other prophets who would not be quiet but Proclaimed the Will of GOD and HIS Word.
It is the same today, as the People of GOD continue to Pray and seek the LORD, and I am of the opinion that it is because of the Prayers of HIS people that we are not destroyed. We have forgotten Our GOD and yet because of those who are committed to the LORD, HE spares a complete destruction, allowing us to be ruled by men who are only interested in the power they may attain but subjegating those who they are Supposed to Represent.
As People of GOD, our First Allegiance is the HIM, for we are, as Jesus said, to LOVE the LORD above All others and to follow HIS way. Whatever we put above the LORD will not prosper, for then it becomes an Idol and Idols are for the Lost who seek vindication by something they can see and be seen by others. We are to Put our hand to the Plow and not turn back, as Israel wanted to do after Moses brought them out of Egypt. Jesus told us that those who turn back are not worthy of HIM, for the world is an enemy of GOD’S way. This is the Sin that destroys, denying GOD and HIS Work for our Salvation, for HE is not willing that Any should perish. In this Plan, GOD, sent forth HIS Son to Reconcile us to HIM, for HE Loves us So.
Many, today, would like to see another Great Awakening, but how can the dead be Awakened, unless those who Live are Awakened first? In this day the Church needs a Revival of Epic proportions, and usually that Revival begins in the Heart of a Few. A few who are totally committed to GOD’S Will and not their own, for it is GOD’S Will that will stand. The Great Awakening of the 1800’s was sparked by only 1, who would not be deterred from his need for Revival. Nehemiah Set his Face Towards Jerusalem and set forth to rebuild. We have suffered great loss because of our unwillingness to put our faith in GOD, and it is time to Return. It may be a small Church in some small town in America that will spark a Revival or it may be just one person whose heart is set on the things of GOD, one with a Pure heart, who will spark a Worldwide Revival. Christianity started with One, Jesus, and a Few set the World Upside down. I pray that others will join me in Prayer for Revival, Praying the LORD help them to draw nearer to HIM that HE may Work in our lives to Spark and set Aflame the Revival that this World Needs.
The nations of this world have All fallen away, the governments have All turned aside to chase Lucifer and his system, but in Every nation resides the Faithful, until the LORD says, “Enough is Enough,” then we will truly Reap what has been Sown. No one knows when that will be, could be today or in the next few minutes, but we Can Reach out to HIM and at least be saved from the Trouble that is coming on this world.
Salvation is an Individual thing, for the LORD works in One Heart at a Time, and through those One Hearts, HE Saves many more, for it is mainly through the witness of Us that others are also Saved. Let us show forth the LOVE of GOD to those who are Perishing, whether they receive it or not, that is not our business, for it is GOD who saves and Draws people to HIS SON that they may have life, our Job is to Proclaim HIM UNTIL HE COMES. Let the Redeemed Say So, and Let us not be accounted with the Unrighteous, but let our Testimony be Strong and Full of Faith, not just on the Surface but in the Spirit. For those who Worship do so in Spirit and Truth, and the fruits of the SPIRIT, will be evident in their lives. Our goal is for the World to See Jesus and not us, but HIM THROUGH US.
Seek the LORD while HE may be found, and turn, wholeheartedly, towards the LORD, for “Behold! I Am coming Quickly, hold fast what you have that no one may take your crown.” Rev. 3 HE is to be our First Love, Above All others! Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Hypocrisy 101

 You shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, soul, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.

Matthew 22:37-39

It seems to me that those who claim they love the LORD but Not the One whom HE created, are not keeping this great command, on which hangs all the Law. Screaming for equality is not love but merely a battle cry from those who want something intangible, and are unwilling to grant what they seek to others.
The LORD told us to do unto others, as We Would Have them Do Unto Us, but again this has been lost and changed to do unto others and get what you can for yourself. Maybe all the Selfies are saying something about the thoughts of those taking them. GOD did not make us to be Selfish, but to be help to others, but instead we contemplate ourselves and push our own agenda. It is quite self-evident as we look at the places of “higher learning,” and it make one wonder if they are some of the most ignorant places on this earth. Places where only certain ideas can be expressed while others are dismissed as foolish or “racist.”
Common sense seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird, as mental midgets rule the day, and I mean no disrespect to those of small stature. I guess those who practice this form of tyranny are loving their god, for certainly they worship at the feet of the devil, seemingly working for a good cause and instead they plunge this country into division and violence. When morons run a country you can be sure that those who cry the loudest are among those who are the exactly what they are against. Men cry out against racism, and I applaud them, but Not everyone is racist, and basically the one doing the shouting is the greatest offender. Not only being the racist they are against, but thinking that all their shouting excludes them from being one themselves. Paul talked about this in Romans, when he sited the fact that those who stole railed against stealing, thinking that they we now absolved of their crimes because they spoke up.
It seems to be a good ruse for those in power, to divert away from themselves the eye of discovery, while they use smoke and mirrors to deceive those whom they are elected to protect and Serve. Abe Lincoln said that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. It seems that those who would be fooled outnumber those who won’t be fooled, but actually pay attention to things around them. The devil has a pretty good strategy of distraction and it seems to be paying off, but the Lake is awaiting him and his followers, and it’s a shame that so many will perish with him. Eternity in the Lake of Fire does not seem like fun to me, but a majority of those on earth today will experience it for they serve their master.
Of course it doesn’t have to be this way, and there is an alternative, one that is like the Whole World being lifted off of our shoulders, as GOD Forgives us for our Antagonism towards HIM and cleanses us from Unrighteousness, trading our filthyness for HIS Cleanness. If we seek HIM with all of our Hearts HE Can be found. Seek Jesus for HE Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Stepping Out

 For the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who Called HIS Own Servants and Delivered HIS Goods to them.

Matthew 25:14

The traveling man is the the LORD, who spent some time here on earth and has traveled Back to Heaven or a far country. HIS Servants are those who have been Born Again and HIS Goods is the Gospel.
Notice, first of all, that HE Chose HIS Servants, so it goes to say that HE saw something in them that they may not have even known was there. Jesus told us that HE knows the hearts of men, and in the case of this Parable HE is showing that HE recognizes something that is Hidden in those whom HE chose. HE even saw something in the one who would not use the Talents. HE did not give these talents in the thought of leading them to fail, but that if they stepped out in faith they would be of use to the Kingdom.
Second, HE gave many talents to two of HIS Servants, and HIS faith in them was well founded as they went out and gained more for the Master. Many of us have many talents, and they are used in various manner. We all have talents, both before we are saved and after, but it is the use of these talents, with the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, that produces the bounty for the Kingdom. I suppose the one who was given 5 talents could have been downtrodden because he did not possess what the the other fellow did. He also could have thought more of himself because of the one who had less, but instead he stepped out in faith to do what he could. His faith was rewarded with a “good and faithful servant” award and he entered into eternal life with the Master.
The third is No Less a Servant than the others, as the Master saw something in him that was Hidden and the last one chose not to seek that which was hidden in him, instead in Fear, he chose to do nothing except hide what was given, so as to make the talent or gift of No Effect. Although a Servant, he never really got close to the Master, but stood at arms length and did not enter into the Rest that was offered to him. He chose not to seek an understanding of Who the Master Was and what his purpose was. You could identify this man as one who, like many in the world, have heard the Gospel but have either refused to hear it, or after hearing they accepted it but never grew in their faith.
Many sit in their pew each week, endlessly “listening” to the Word of GOD and they never get past the opening line before they have mentally turned off the speaker. Some assume that they have responded to the Gospel and that is enough, some have responded, but not with surrender to the LORD, but thinking that with this response and “their” Works they will be alright. Some simply have not responded at all but have been brought up in the Church and believe that they can ride the Coattails of their parents or someone else whom they admired. All of these things are so sad and the Losers are not only those who practice such things, but the Congregation also suffer because they never get Blessing from the Talents that are wasted.
It is not only the fault of the “weeds” but it is also the fault of leadership, in failing to see or look for those who have talents that can be used. Those who are in leadership should, like the Master, be looking for people who have talents to use for the Building up of the Church, and encouraging them to use those talents to do so. Sometimes it is out of Jealousy that the leaders do not do this, for they are Coveting their position and are afraid that someone will upstage them, but this is not GOD’S way, for HE Looks for the Best and some of the Best are hidden from the our view. It is the work of those who are the leaders to observe and be aware of the Leading of the SPIRIT, to encourage those in the Congregation to greater heights of Faith, for Faith is enhanced with Use. This was also the failure of the one with the one talent, he never stepped out of his fear, long enough to even be a good example.
Faith grows with use, as it is watered and nourished it also produces new faith, not only in the one who is using it, but in others as they see the working of faith that is shown. The first two Servants used their faith to produce more than what they were given and received a reward, the one shrank back and produced nothing but disdain from the Master for his lack of motivation and gratitude. I think we can assume from the text that the first two did what was right with the right motivation and not out of some thought that this would get them Acceptance or Salvation, for the Master judges the Hearts of men, whether they are pure or not, and because HE rewarded them with eternal life, the Master gave them their reward.
We, who are Saved, know that Salvation is granted when we come to the LORD in repentance and by faith, asking HIM to forgive us and we rely on the Work of Christ on the Cross for our Salvation and Nothing else. It is not our works that make us acceptable to GOD, but it the Work of Christ that does so. The LORD Called us and HE has Endowed us with Gifts and Talents and it is Out of Our Gratitude for HIS Work that we use these Gifts and Talents to bring others to Christ, and to Build up the Saints. We are not to parade around thinking ourselves to be something because the LORD has given us some gift or talent, but Our Boast must be in Christ. The gift is nothing and neither is the receiver of the Gift, but the Giver, GOD, is All, and without the Giver we can do nothing.
I want to encourage Leaders and those who are Called According to HIS Purpose to Pay Attention to those who may be willing to Step out in Faith and Exercise their faith. Each of Us Has Talents that need Exercising and just the grain of a mustard seed of faith is enough to get the ball rolling. We each know what we are capable of and let me say that we are Capable of So much more. Our Purpose is to Serve GOD and we Accomplish that by Serving others, as HE did, for HE came not to be served but to Serve. Every Congregation has All the Talents and Gifts it needs, but if they are not recognized then they are wasted. It is not only about the one individual but it is, equally important about the Church as a whole and the Lost who need what we say we have.  We are to minister to those who need our Talents and to those who are Perishing.  Today is the day to step out, and we are to do nothing out of vanity but As Serving the LORD. Com’on take a leap of faith and see where the LORD takes you. Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Mind of Christ

 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of GOD did not consider it robbery to equal with GOD, but made HIMSELF of No Reputation, taking the form of a Bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in the appearance as a man, HE Humbled HIMSELF and became Obedient to the point of death, even the death of the Cross.

Philippians 2:5-8

HIS call to us to be Obedient and Bondservants, freely Serving HIM and being Obedient to HIS will. HE seeks no Conquered Slaves as it is with man, but only those who will Accept the Free gift of Salvation and being Grateful by then living for HIM, for In Us HE also lives. Paul told us that it was not he who lived but Christ lived within him and the life he now lived he lived with Christ. We are to be open to the Leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, willing to follow and put our trust in HIM. Jesus is our Example and our prayer is to Know HIM and the Power of HIS Resurrection, the Fellowship of HIS Suffering, and to be conformed unto HIS death. HE went through temptations without sinning and HE was and is Obedient to the FATHER. HE suffered the Cross and Became the Firstborn of many, Conquering Death and Sin. Dead folks don’t sin anymore! None of us have arrived at perfection but as Paul told us to do, Keep on Pushing Forward and Forget Yesterday. In this idea we are not to think ourselves better than others, but as he said we are esteem others higher than ourselves. Jesus only gave one new command and that was to Love one another, and this also means those who oppose us and treat us badly. We are to overcome evil with good and to give our enemies a drink or food, if needed, but the food is not necessarily physical, but a good witness and the Food of the Word, that maybe they will also turn to Christ and receive Salvation. The servant is not better than the Master, and so if they hated HIM they will hate us, but we are to Love the LORD with all that we have and our Neighbor as ourselves. Not always easy to do, but then if it was people would flock to this. We have a choice to make, forgive, or not, but to forgive shows our love for Christ, for HE said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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Who Will We Serve?

 Nevertheless they will be his servants, that they may distinguish between MY Service from the service of the kingdoms of the nations.

2 Chronicles 12:8

I was reading this morn about Rehoboam, son of Solomon, who after securing what was left of the kingdom of Israel, turned from the LORD and as he turned so went the nation. When this happened GOD sent Shishak King of Egypt against them. Then the leaders and Rehoboam Humbled themselves after hearing from the Prophet Shemiah. When they humbled themselves the Prophet came back and told them this verse quoted today. What an eye opener, that when we think we have it all together, we sometimes drift away from the LORD. Solomon specifically asked in the 30th chapter of Proverbs to not have this happen, as he said “Give me what I have need of, not too much that I forget who you are, and not too little that I steal and profane your Name.”
In the days of the kings as they went, so went the country for they were the leaders, today it is somewhat the same, except in this country we have the power of the vote to put in the leaders we want. This takes the kings influence somewhat out of his hands and makes us responsible. Of course it is the LORD who Establishes and HE who brings down leaders. Those leaders are a reflection of the Character of those whom he leads.
There is a lesson to be learned from this passage, for we in, America, are in the same place. We have established ourselves and Turned from the LORD, and the consequence of that is that we are being attacked on all fronts. Many in the Christian Church have Humbled themselves, but as yet those who believe they are the answer and not the problem refuse to do so. Should these leaders choose to continue on “their” way it will lead to ruin, for they are their own gods.
We are not to follow the way of the world but GOD’S way, just as the Apostles did, when they went before the Sanhedrin. They stood and proclaimed the Truth saying that they should follow the LORD and not the teachings of men. I guess the question is: Whom shall we follow, the dictates of men who tell us that GOD must be kept out of the public square, of do we follow the LORD and Humble ourselves in HIS presence? Even if we Humble ourselves, the deliverance may not be complete, for as with Rehoboam, there is a lesson to be taught, whether we want to live under the Service of the LORD or some foreign power. 
As with Rehoboam we are giving up the sovereignty of this nation to others because we choose not to live by the Service of the LORD. I believe that it is far better to live under the Authority of the LORD, Who is Always Just, than to live under the rule of men who are neither Just Nor Good, who only do what is in their hearts, which is wickedness. Sometimes lessons are hard learned, and knowing the LORD, HE will allow us to learn them, and if we fail to Heed HIS warnings then we, like Israel, will suffer the consequences. GOD allows us to go our own way until HE’S done with it and then the Boom drops and Calamity steps in.
It is the same way in the life of the Individual, as the warnings and roadblocks go up and those who will turn away from the danger, and those who Choose to continue receive the Calamity they chose to ignore. The Wise see the danger and hide themselves, while the foolish continue on into destruction, so says the writer of Proverbs. He also told us that if we are wise we are wise for ourselves, but if we scoff we will suffer for it. I don’t know what others will do but as for me and my house, we will follow the LORD. Some trust in Chariots and some in Horses, but We will remember the Name of the LORD. These are a couple of the declarations made by David and by Joshua, these are the kinds of Declarations we as Christians need to Rehearse everyday, for if we speak it with a pure heart our Confession will turn into Action when needed. We will be doing as the LORD did, Speaking into existence that which is not. None of knows what we will do in any given situation, but Preparation will help us to make the right decision when in peril. We prepare by reading and knowing the Word of GOD and with prayer, Humbling ourselves before the LORD and Trusting in HIM. The greatest amount of preparation without HIM will result in not having HIM when we are in dire need. Take the plunge and Humble yourself while there is time, for who knows what calamity lies ahead? Jesus Loves You!!!

JTB Ministries

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